For Obstetrics And Gynecology Health Practices

Enhance Patient Engagement – Increase Office Efficiency

With nearly half of Ob/Gyns citing relationships with patients as their number-one factor in career satisfaction, you need an EHR that helps you reach that goal.

Ob/Gyn Patient Portal

Your Patient Portal is accessed through a secure login. Following Meaningful Use requirements, the portal includes a Personal Health Record (PHR) and allows your practice and patients to securely exchange information, in full compliance with HIPAA.

  • Existing patients can easily enter and update their demographic information, insurance information, medical and social histories, current medications, providers, preferred pharmacies and more.
  • Patients can message your practice, set up prenatal care appointments, pre and post-op visits, preventative and follow-up care, request medication refills and book appointments at any time.
  • Under the Objectives and Measures for Meaningful Use, physicians must use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information. WRS Health EHR portal allows for secure messaging so patients can correspond with your practice.
  • Test results and clinical summaries can be sent directly to your patients. Medication instructions, warnings and educational material can also be provided through your portal.
  • You have full control over your portal content and functionality. Choose from the wide array of supplied ObGyn-Cloud material.

Attract More Patients with a Professionally-Built Website

With people increasingly using the web to seek information on medical professionals, a professionally-built website will place your practice front and center in your online marketing efforts and make a great first impression to new patients.

  • Ability to produce a powerful, content driven website for your practice directly from your EHR. There is no need to hire expensive designers or programmers.
  • Easy to navigate tabs give you the ability to select styles and colors. Add information about your practice, including specialized services, provider information and patient forms.
  • Educational content specific to Ob/Gyn.
  • Ability to make changes as often as you like and are updated in real time.
  • Full integration with your Patient Portal.

Reach out to your current patients while catching the attention of potential new patients. Expand your referral network and grow your practice – all directly from your EHR.

Lower Your No-Show Rate

Missed medical appointments disrupt schedules, potentially leaving your office with gaps during the workday. But beyond the hassles, missed appointments can cost revenue.

With improved online communication, practices using our integrated patient portal see at least a 13% lower no-show rate. More completed appointments means more patient visits and a more profitable practice.

Meet MIPS/MACRA Patient Engagement Measures

Exchanging health information from your patient portal will help you attest to the electronic patient engagement requirements of MIPS. In addition, all messaging is encrypted through your portal, ensuring HIPAA standards are also being met.

Providing patients with online health information, test and lab results, and the ability to manage their own appointment schedule helps not only improve patient satisfaction but helps you accumulate points for your MIPS evaluation.

With a professional practice website and portal from ObGyn-Cloud, you will be actively promoting measures that will lead to long-term patient relationships.

Barbara Buckley

Comprehensive Women’s Health

“We have put all of our forms online so that all of our patients can fill out their paper work before they come in. The Women’s Health patient portal also allows patients to request appointments. In this day and age of e-mail it is a way to let patients keep in touch with us. It is also HIPAA compliant. If it is midnight and patients want to request an appointment they can message us and we can set up an appointment when we open the office.”

Elevate Patient Experience With Patient Portal

Greater connectivity with accurate and up-to-date patient data.