Surgical Workflow for Ob/Gyn

Ob/Gyn Surgery Workflow Queue Prompts and Documents

In a busy practice, the workflow associated with surgery can be a tremendous burden. The Ob/Gyn Surgical Workflow Queue helps ensure critical steps are addressed by helping you manage the process from beginning-to-end:


Addresses all activities prior to the surgery date Manage:

  • Preauthorizations
  • Medical Clearance
  • Scheduling the surgery
  • Preoperative testing
  • Consents
  • Communications with the operating room

Covers the date of surgery plus six days and includes:

  • Entry of the surgical procedure into the patient’s record
  • Seamless claim creation

Patient follow ups are recorded

  • Visits are recorded
  • You are alerted to the end of the global period for billing services

Care subsequent to the global period

  • Care is recorded and billed
  • Useful for reviewing past surgical cases or cancelled surgeries.

Informed Consent Documentation

The Surgery Workflow Queue ensures Informed Consent is properly documented before the procedure is scheduled and the information is maintained in the patient’s electronic record. ObGyn-Cloud prompts for the documentation and signed forms can be uploaded to the EHR. For practices that use the Digital Pen, the process is further streamlined because completed forms are automatically transmitted to the EHR when the pen is docked.

ObGyn Surgical Workflow Documentation

Fast Accurate Payment

ObGyn-Cloud automatically readies each step of the surgical process, from scheduling to claim submission. It even suggests modifier codes for optimal coding. The Ob/Gyn Surgical Workflow Queue tracks the global period so that payments for unrelated services during the global period aren’t forfeited. Pre-authorized CPT codes are automatically queued for claim.

Ob/Gyn Service Payments

With ObGyn-Cloud, every part of your practice is linked together so you can get paid for all your services quickly and accurately.

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