ObGyn-Cloud delivers the EHR and Practice Management Platform experience that frees you to do what you do best — patient care

Focus on patients, not process

Take control of your practice and optimize your workflow efficiently and profitably. ObGyn-Cloud EHR and Practice Management Platform integrates your administrative, front desk, clinical and revenue cycle management functions into a single, cohesive and seamless process.

Time-saving features include appointment scheduling, automated recalls and reminders, health maintenance alerts, and appointment status tracking. The ObGyn-Cloud Calendar is fully integrated into the billing workflow to track claims and ensure that you are paid for all services rendered.

Financial Success With Integrated Billing

ObGyn-Cloud Revenue Cycle Management module has been specifically designed for obstetric and gynecologic health practices. ObGyn-Cloud is powered by WRS Health, which has one of the lowest claim denial rates in the industry.

Simplify and manage difficult patient billing, even if a patient obtains new insurance or switches to a different practice during the course of her pregnancy. Preoperative and postoperative care is fully tracked directly in your EHR software.

The ObGyn-Cloud Billing System has a custom rules engine and codes specific to women’s health issues. Claims are scrubbed and submitted as part of the EHR workflow making charge capture easy. Superbill creation is fast and accurate – even through a global surgical period – so you get paid for all the services you perform.



ObGyn-Cloud comes pre-loaded with notes and templates specifically designed for obstetricians and gynecologists. Efficiently chart and code preventative care such as IUD insertion and PAP test screenings; and record all gestational care visits and treatment throughout all stages of the process.

Improve the quality of your notes and patient disclosure. All ObGyn-Cloud note templates are pre-populated with commonly used content and are “Quick Charting” enabled, allowing you to chart with a minimum of clicks, voice recognition or input data discreet with our unique Ob/Gyn Digital Pen.

ObGyn-Cloud does not try to change the way you do things, we just help you be more efficient.

e-Prescribing and Medication Management are Integrated Into Your Workflow

e-Prescribing eliminates the error risks associated with handwritten scripts as well as the potential for a patient to request a replacement for a lost paper script. With ObGyn-Cloud, e-prescribing is set up for maximum efficiency.

Easily monitor the status of follow ups to minimize potential errors. Need to intervene with a patient who hasn’t acted on a mammogram or colonoscopy? Based on your setup parameters, a reminder email and phone call will be sent automatically.

Medication history is captured and included as part of the patient record allowing you to focus on your patients instead of data entry.

Easy ordering and tracking of standard obstetric lab panels such as Prenatal Profiles can be completed with a single click. Our software offers connectivity with all major labs, enabling lab results to be received directly into the ObGyn-Cloud EHR. Additionally, our EHR’s exclusive Order Tracking System allows for easy tracking of lab orders and results along with documentation of your practice’s associated patient communications.


We are honored that our customers have shared their stories. Take a moment to read about their experiences with our EHR.

Patient Check-In

Audrey Spencer

After a month of nonstop researching EHR systems my search came to an end after viewing this cloud-based system. All the features I will ever need were at my fingertips. EHR, electronic prescribing, billing, patient portal and lab and fax integration in one affordable package.

Audrey Spencer

Barbara Buckley, NP

Comprehensive Women’s Health

Lab results go directly in patients’ records and can be viewed by the patient after our review under My Test Results. The number one question people ask me is, ‘When did I have my PAP test?’ Now they can go back and see when they had the test and the test results.

Barbara Buckley