Clinical and MIPS Compliance Services

for Ob/Gyn Practitioners


The rules governing the Ob/Gyn practice are changing every year. The Quality Payment Program (QPP) is transforming patient care practices and impacts every aspect of a medical business operation.

Even with a superior EHR service, it still requires a significant time to set up the proper processes, monitor compliance, train staff and achieve MIPS requirements. Obstetricians and gynecologists are under increased pressure from these growing complexities. Right now, a lack of compliance with MIPS standards represents a missed revenue opportunity. Noncompliance means large negative payment adjustments and possible negative ratings from government agencies.

Clinical and MIPS Compliance Services Provide:

  • Timely MIPS attestation
  • Receive stimulus incentives without the headache
  • Effective, individualized training for your staff
  • Monthly, customized reporting
  • Proven results and client satisfaction

“Our MIPs representative is clear and concise with her information. She understands how we operate and has come up with specialized solutions without significantly changing our practice’s workflow. She is constantly monitoring our performance and will recommend changes to ensure we achieve a higher percentage on our quality measures.

– Dr. Gurpal Bindra

A Proven Process

First, we assign a clinically trained account manager to oversee the compliance process – usually a Registered Nurse. Then, ObGyn-Cloud’s Clinical and MIPS Compliance Team analyzes your practice for goals and performance gaps. Then we set up a compliance program to manage and train your staff in proper procedure.

Monthly audits gauge your Ob/Gyn practice’s current compliance and manage the steps necessary for continual improvement. This removes the regulatory burden from you while ensuring that you avoid large negative payment adjustments.

Besides MIPS compliance, obstetric and gynecologic practitioners are faced with additional Federal or State clinical compliance regulations. We can also help with those measures.

This process includes:

  • An analysis of your practice’s strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Individualized training to improve in areas that are lacking
  • Defined, attainable goals for your staff to achieve timely compliance over time
  • Tracked and measured progress
  • Assistance with MIPS attestation
  • Assistance should your practice be selected for audit

We Add To Your Bottom Line And Peace Of Mind

With ObGyn-Cloud’s Clinical and MIPS Compliance Services, your practice may avoid CMS penalties, while reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential audits.

ObGyn-Cloud’s Compliance team manages the process of regulatory compliance, providing you peace of mind and the time to focus on patient care.