Comes with Preloaded Notes and Templates

Quick Charting Improves Speed and Efficiency

The ObGyn-Cloud EHR comes pre-loaded with notes and templates specifically designed for obstetricians and gynecologists. A full template library is included, covering everything from routine wellness exams to Antepartum notes.

Content organization and workflow enables you to seamlessly chart initial visits for such conditions as menopause, vaginitis, abnormal bleeding and other encounters.

To further streamline your clinical workflow, you can tailor your content for your practice, patients and users. As your practice evolves with new Ob/Gyn guidelines and requirements, this content becomes available to all users.

digital pen

Chart Your Own Way

Use Free Text, Voice and Even A Digital Pen

All ObGyn-Cloud note templates are “Quick Charting” enabled, allowing you to chart with a minimum of clicks (or via voice recognition) and can accept free text.

Numerical data including weight, blood pressure, prenatal exam results, gynecological test values, and more can be quickly entered and tracked over time as tables or graphs.

Additionally, since no two Ob/Gyn health practitioners have exactly the same charting needs or styles, ObGyn-Cloud comes with a built-in customization engine enabling you to quickly establish your own personal library of templates.


Use a variety of data input methods for quick charting:

  • Keyboard
  • Voice Recognition
  • Tablet PC
  • Templates
  • Dictation
  • Digital Pen

The ObGyn-Cloud Digital Pen can be used for initial patient intake documents and to capture patient signatures on Consent and other forms. With the Digital Pen, no scanning or manual data entry of patient form data is needed. Providers who prefer paper charting can also use the Digital Pen as an alternative means to enter data into the EHR.

Easily and quickly chart encounters in the way that suits your practice. ObGyn-Cloud does not try to change the way you do things, it just helps you be more efficient.